Lake Judd - South West Tasmania

On Australia Day this year I went for my first walk into the SW of Tasmania which has been a goal of mine for quite a while now. I did my research as this area is renowned for its harsh climates and ability to bring even the most experienced to their knees. I decided that the Lake Judd day walk looked appropriate to my level of experience and headed off into the wilderness on what was said to be a 6-8hr return trip.

The walk was what I had hoped and a friend and I were rewarded by some amazing scenery.  The button grass plains are followed by mud pits that gladly accept the leg of anyone not paying attention and then at the half way mark the beautiful glacial Lake Judd, we had our lunch.

The weather was a little overcast as is the norm in the area so I took some photos and headed home to arrive safely in 5.5 hrs, sore, stiff, muddy but all of it was truly worth it.